Astrology University

Kira Sutherland

Astrological Keys to Health and Wellbeing

Discover the philosophies, principle and applications of astrology to health. Intro to medical astrology elements, modes, houses and rulership. Starts June 2

Mark Jones

The Outer Planets as the Bridge to the Soul

Pre-order now for March 13 release! Mark Jones offers a fresh exploration of the outer planets and shows us how they can deepen our understanding of our personal evolution.

Steven Forrest

The Moon through the 12 Signs

Steven Forrest describes the evolutionary intention of the Moon in each of the 12 signs.

Lynn Bell

The Bright Angel and Dark Companion of the 11th and 12th Houses

A poetic exploration of the energies of the eleventh and twelfth houses.

Kelly Surtees

Cycles of Success: Timing Your Trends with Transits

Learn how to time your trends, discover cycles for success and explore how to live in tune with the rhythms of the cosmos.

Mark Jones

The Destiny Line: Understanding Destiny with the Lunar Nodes

Learn how to understand destiny in the context of the lunar nodes.