Astrology University

Enliven Your Connection with the Universe

Lynn Bell

The Bright Angel and Dark Companion of the 11th and 12th Houses

A poetic exploration of the energies of the eleventh and twelfth houses.

Kelly Surtees

Chart Interpretation: Personality, Moon Phase and Aspect Patterns

Four-week online course on lunar phases, and unique chart patterns for refining your chart interpretations.

Mark Jones

The Destiny Line: Understanding Destiny with the Lunar Nodes

Learn how to understand destiny in the context of the lunar nodes.

Steven Forrest

Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology

Break free from the limits of descriptive and predictive astrology with the power of consciousness and free will.

Frank Clifford

Forecasting with Solar Arc Directions

Kelly Surtees

Chart Interpretation Course: Aspects, Action, Motivation

Four week online astrology class exploring the five most important aspects. Learn what aspects are and how to use them for accurate chart interpretation.