Forecasting with Solar Arc Directions

Solar Arc Directions

Improve your forecasting accuracy with this dramatic but easy-to-use technique. | taught by Frank Clifford

Course description

How would you like to amaze your clients and students with a simple tool known for its accuracy and simplicity? In this workshop, Frank will teach you how to start using Solar Arc Directions to identify landmark periods in life. You'll be able to incorporate this simple forecasting tool, which is also great for rectification.

As an added bonus, you'll learn how to apply Frank's original work on ‘Shadow Transits’, which links seemingly unrelated life events.

An invaluable addition to any successful astrologer's toolkit, solar arcs will enhance your work while helping build confidence in your forecasting skills.

Frank  Clifford
Frank Clifford
Senior Instructor

Frank Clifford is a popular London-based astrology writer and teacher. He has written fourteen books of which Getting to the Heart of Your Chart and Solar Arc Directions are new astrology classics. Frank has given over a thousand classes and seminars internationally since he took over as head of the London School of Astrology in 2004.

Frank writes the 'Horoscope Detective' column for The Mountain Astrologer and is a frequent guest-editor. In 2012, the astrological community awarded Frank the lifetime achievement Charles Harvey Award for Exceptional Service to Astrology and in 2016 he was awarded best article for "Critical Points" at the ISAR conference.